You Only Live Once

This week I reminded that life is too short to live with regrets….you only live once so make the most of it.  Your life is exactly what you make of it….the key to your happiness starts with you!

Bella Gypsy’s new kit this week is all about making the most of your life!  Here’s YOLO.  It is available at Scrap Orchard.

 photo bg-yoloBUNDLE-1.jpg

 photo bg-yoloFULL.jpg

 photo bg-yoloWP.jpg

 photo bg-yoloXP.jpg

 photo bg-yoloAP.jpg

Here is some word art I created using YOLO.  Enjoy!!

 photo yolo.jpg


Next weekend is iNSD and there are some exciting things plans and some yummy new goodies that I can’t wait to show you!  Don’t forget to check back next week!

Happy Scrapping!


7 thoughts on “You Only Live Once

  1. Lucky me, I’m in the process of making my daughter’s Bday card. The perfect image………so colorful…….thank you.

  2. Thank you for the word art. I love the colorful kit. It’s so lively and fun. We need to remember that concept, too! It’s too darn easy to let the little things get one down (and the big things – like cancer and death in the family…), but there are so many bright and happy moments that we can focus on and enjoy. 🙂

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