Yay…It’s Sneak Peek Sunday!!!

Hello Bella Gypsy fans! Candice here again for another Sneak Peek Sunday!!!

Before I get to the “sneak peek” I wanted to ask all of you whether or not you’re ready for the holidays!? I am more than ready! Omigosh! I love this time of year! I love Christmas music, I love the lights and all of the various decorations, I love the kids’ excitement, and most of all I love spending time with all of the special people in my life! It’s such a wonderful time of year — in my humble opinion! I hope you’ll have plenty of magical moments to scrap about! 🙂

Speaking of magical…I have a faaabulous peek to tease you with today! Trust me when I say that Bella Gypsy has some jolly goodness coming your way! This kit is soooo Bella Gypsy fantastical and I know you will love it!! I think I said something like “Ohhh Snap!” the first time I laid my eyes on this beauty!!! I am not quite sure what “Oh Snap!” means, but it is definitely a good thing!!

Take a look at this cuteness!!

Next I wanted to mention that Homemade Holiday will make its debut at Elemental Scraps tomorrow! Some of you may have seen this kit previously on the blog, but it’s more than worth showing off again!

Isn’t it just awesome!??

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Until next time…