What’s Your Quirk?

Everyone has those moments…you know, the ones that you would like to forget about but you just can’t because they are so funny!  We are all a bit weird and have those inside jokes between a friend.  Now is the time to scrap those goofy moments before you really forget what you were laughing about in the first place.  I know with a house full of boys there is always a scrap worthy, funny moment happening in our house.

Check out Let’s Be Weird by Bella Gypsy….first of all let’s look at the whole collection!


Here’s a smaller bundle


and now let’s take a look at each pack.  Each image is linked to the Bella Gypsy, Scrap Orchard store.

bellagypsy_letsbeweird_preview  bellagypsy_letsbeweird_xp_preview bellagypsy_letsbeweird_gp_preview bellagypsy_letsbeweird_jc_preview bellagypsy_letsbeweird_il_preview bellagypsy_letsbeweird_bp_preview bellagypsy_letsbeweird_ap_preview

Here is a mini kit that coordinates with the collection.bellagypsy_letsbeweird_mk_preview

I would like to wish all my American friends a happy and safe 4th of July!  See you next week.

Happy Scrapping!


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  1. Thanks for this cute mini! Love the “Let’s Be Weird” collection and your mini is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

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