Todays Gotta Pixel $1 Deals

Hi Bella Gypsy Fans! Kiana here! Bringing you your Tuesday treats a little later than usual. Better late than never right? I hope that your week is going smoothly. Things have been a little hectic here.  The toddler in the house is really testing the limits of this mom’s patience. It might have something to do with the 5 teeth that have decided to come in…just maybe. 🙂 
With all the craziness naptime is something I definitely look forward to. I usually try to find time to scrap a page or two. Maybe even do a little shopping. If you find yourself doing a little shopping today hop on over to Gotta Pixel! It is Tuesday after all. Today Bella Gyspy has two treats for you in the $1 bin. 

The first one is “One Summer Night”.  A great kit for scrapping pics of your kids (or you) chasing fireflies, or just enjoying a wonderful summer evening. Oh, how we will be longing for those moments in  a few months here in the midwest.
*images are linked*


This kit is a great deal at $1! I love all the sparkles and the jar of fireflies is so fun!
The second kit you can grab for $1 is “Two By Two”. A sweet kit to help you finish scrapping all those pics of VBS! 


Enjoy these great deals friends and have a terrific week!