Sunday is Here!!!!

That means it’s time to show off some super-dee-duper sneak peeks for all you wonderful Bella Gypsy fans!!! 
So, today I am going to do a “drive-by” posting!  That’s where I come in and show you the most awesome sneak peeks and then say “bye!”  Haha!  It’s Sunday and it is so very, very beautiful here in good ‘ole Colorado!  We are going to go outdoors, have some fun, and in the process we’ll be making memories and thus, I’ll have more scrapping material!!! 🙂  It’s a win-win situation!
Here is what Bella Gypsy has in store for you this week!
Isn’t that just “bee”eautiful!???
And this one isn’t too shabby either, eh??  I can’t wait until the afternoon rainshowers begin.  I think one of my favorite things about Spring is the rain!  The sounds, the smell, everything about rain is beautiful – in my humble opinion! 🙂  We get a lot of afternoon showers here and we’ll be doing some puddle jumping in no time at all!!  Yahooo!
Thanks for dropping by!  I love showing off Bella Gypsy’s sneaks each week.  Fun times!!
Until next time…