Sneak Peeks – Better late, than never??

…or so I hope!  Hi there fans!  Candi here with a big ole “Eeeek” to scream out!  All day I thought it was Saturday…that is until just about 5 minutes ago, wow, I am all mixed up.  Or perhaps I should say, more mixed up than the norm! haha!
Now, hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, because Bella Gypsy has whipped up more fun than you can shake a stick at this week!  Really!  You’re in for some serious awesomeness!! You’re in for an amazing ride!  All I can say is: keep your eyes peeled here on the blog (or in the newsletter) for where you will find these babies this week!  I know summertime definitely in full-swing because these girls are on fire!!!
Here we go!  First up is such a fun, fun kit and the colors…well, they’re just too cool for words!
And next up is a kit that truly hit home for me, I knew what I had to do right away when I saw this beautiful collab!  I called some of my family members and told them I how much they mean to me!  Once you see it in its entirety, you might do the same.  Perhaps not, I am just a sappy doof!
Last, but most certainly not least, this one had me running out to get me some Dairy Queen!  Again, that’s because I am a doof!
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that these girls will be working their butts off this month and you, the fans, are going to love what they’ve come up with!
Until next time…