Sneak Peeks Are Here For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Hello Bella Gypsy fans!  Candi is back again to show you some sneak peeks.  I hope you’re having an excellent weekend!  I know your upcoming week is going to be fantastic!  Ya know why?  Well of course you do!!!!  New Bella Gypsy products are coming your way! Woot Woot!
This weeks releases are so out-of-this-world awesome!!!  I’m telling you, you really do NOT want to “space out” visiting Lena and Tab’s shop this week!  So here we go, take a peek at these babies! 
Drum roll please…
Next up…
So tooootally cute, right????  I know, I KNOW!!  So, this is what you have to look forward to this week!  There are a few other items that will be released this week as well, but I’ll leave you in the dark on those! mwahahaha!!  You’ll have to pop in the girls’ shop to take a look.  Or…better yet, subscribe to their newsletter and you’ll see everything up close and personal later on tonight!

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That’s all I have for you today.  I’ll be back next Sunday for another round of smashingly gorgeous peeks! 
Until next time…

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