It’s Thursday…Time to Peek at some Awesomeness!

Hello all!  Candi is in the house (again) to share with you some awesome, and I MEAN AWESOME sneak peeks! 
This was one of those weeks where I literally let out a squeal when I saw what Lena and Tab whipped up.  Omigosh!  I am so not kidding you! Please, please do not miss this weeks releases!  Trust me, you will thank me later! hehe
Okay here we go…
And then there is this peek that deserves a double-BAM…
Now, don’t get me wrong, picking a favorite kit of Bella Gypsy’s is like picking a favorite child…it’s impossible.  This just happens to be one of those occasions where I am extra proud of this particular kid (aka the kit shown above)! haha!
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Until next time…