It’s Dinner Time!

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I don’t know about you, but dinner time seems to be the only time of the day that we can get everyone sitting in the same spot and talk about our day.  Our boys are still young and can’t go anywhere without us driving them (which seems to be almost every night of the week), but we make it a point to all sit down at dinner time together and share what happened to us throughout the day, even if it is just for 30 minutes!

Once Upon a Meal is not only perfect for scrapping meal times, but also the traditions your family has during meal time.

Lena and Tabatha wrote this in their newsletter today about their meal times.

“Once Upon A Meal is a digital scrapbook collection created based on a tradition in our family. Our kids wanted entertained at dinnertime…they wanted the television on and that’s against house rules…so I offered to tell them a story one day. That escalated into a full-blown family tradition of telling stories at dinnertime. We go around the table, each making up a story about a green bean princess or a meatloaf monster. The kids’ are silly and mommy’s sometimes sneak in parables…but no matter the specifics, our family loves the tradition to pieces and I wanted to create a kit to capture these special moments for us.”

It is time for you to scrap your family’s mealtime memories with this fun collection!

Here is the whole collection.


Don’t need the whole collection?  Why not try the bundle?


Each piece of the collection is available individually as well.  You can always pick up just the kit or other pieces that you need.


There is an add-on kit that is free with the purchase of the whole collection!


All the other pieces can be found in Bella Gypsy’s Store at Scrap Orchard.

Every night my boys ask me, “What’s for dinner?”.  So I thought it would be fun to create some word art for you asking that one question!  You can pick it up HERE or just click on the preview.


Bella Gypsy also teamed up with Sugary Fancy Designs this week to bring you this gorgeous kit!


These journal cards are FREE with your purchase of the kit through September

Have a great weekend!  See you next week!

Happy Scrapping!


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