Hello Bella Fans! Time for a Peek!

Hello! Candi here again for another fun Sunday full of awesome Bella Gypsy Sneak Peeks! This week we have two fabulous peeks for you to admire!! 🙂

Wow, what a whirlwind week it has been! Another Christmas is behind us and now we have the New Year to look forward to! I cannot believe 2010 is upon us. I have been spending most of my days trying to decide if I will say, “Twenty-Ten” or “Two Thousand Ten.” What do you think? haha! Kidding. I have found out an interesting bit of news this past week. Apparently there is a big debate going on as to whether the decade comes to an end as of Dec 31, 2009 or Dec 31, 2010. I did visit the almighty Wiki and read that the decade supposedly comes to an end next year vs. this year. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm?”

Okay, so it seems as though I have way too much time on my hands…so I do declare that this year I vow to do more scrapping of the treasured memories that stay near and dear to my hard drive! Yes, I admit, I am a digital kit collector! Each time I go to scrap a page, I feel like it’s not turning out as I initially envisioned. So I have decided that my resolution for the upcoming year is to do more scrapping and be proud of what I make rather than get frustrated with the end result. Now, I do need to warn you…I have been known to break resolutions. For example, last year I resolved to never make New Years resolutions ever again. And…well here I am making resolutions. So, we’ll see how it goes!

I hope that all of you have a fabulous year in store for you! I hope that you’re able to scrap all of your wonderful photos! Please do not hesitate to share your pages here at the Bella Gypsy blog! Leave a comment w/ your link! We would really enjoy visiting your gallery to leave you lots of love!

On to our Sneak Peeks! First up is a beautiful kit that is fun and “fresh!” Doesn’t it look Awesome!?

Next up is a fun kit that will help you jumpstart your party! You’ll be raising the roof with this little number! Oh yea! Bella Gypsy has done it again! They’re so unbelievably talented and they never run out of fresh and fun ideas for their designs!

That’s all I have for now, folks! I will see you next Sunday! Oh! Before I go, I thought that I might metion the Bella Gypsy Fan Page at Facebook! If you’re not a fan, hop on over to facebook and show these girls how much you love them!

Warm regards,