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    • ivomec for ear mites Hey there, it’s on the Facebook page, but you’ll have to scroll down to see it…it isn’t the most recent post, it should be the second most recent post. It’s a blue alpha 🙂

  1. Takehara gabapentin for nerves Hiya ladies.. it’s 11pm my time in Ontario Canada.. and I have not recieve today’s newsletter yet.. with Day 9’s link. :S I have been signed up and got the last newsletter okay. Checked my spam mail.. and it didn’t go in there.. so just wondered if some are still being sent out??? :/ Thanks for any assistance in this. 🙂

  2. Hi. Thanks for this cute kit “Besties”. I’m just now realizing you had it for us here and have been able to get all but three pieces to it. I don’t think I’ve been getting your newsletter. I think I signed up for it a while back, but maybe I’m mistaken. I resigned up for it today. Anyway, I’m missing days 5, 12, and 15. Is there a way I can get those pieces? You can reach me at my email addy: windsongplace@cox.net. Thanks so much. I love your kits!!

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