Who Wants To Party All The Time, Party All The Time?

Happy, happy, Bella Gypsy fans! I’m so excited to see Tabatha and Lena celebrate their 9th year as Bella Gypsy Designs. Amazing ladies with a crazy amount of talent. Happy Birthday, girls! This week Tabatha and Lena have designed two wonderful Birthday Kits. “Fight For Your Right” is a fun boy themed kit and “Get The Party Started” is and adorable girl themed kit. Both are available at the Scrap Orchard Market. All of the images are linked and you can grab a freebie or two at the end of this post that match the new Kits.

“Fight For Your Right” Kit:bellagypsy_ffyr_preview


And check out these super cute candle numbers that are a Free with Purchase:

And here is “Get The Party Started”:

And it has a darling set of matching candles that are a Free with Purchase:

And who doesn’t love gifts when it’s other people’s birthday? Here are some fun stars that match the “Fight For Your Right” Kit:

And some sweet little stars that match the “Get The Party Started” Kit:

No matter if you’re celebrating girls or boys or just the awesomeness of 9 years of designing, I hope you have a phenomenal time partying. Have a great week!

Let’s Stay Home and Choose Joy! Who’s with me?

Happy Friday, Bella Gypsy fans! New this week in the Scrap Orchard Market are two new Kits from Tabatha and Lena that include free with purchase items. Here is a closer look at the new Kits. All of the images are linked including the freebies at the end of the post. Hope you enjoy!

This is a close up of “Choose Joy”:

And here are the super fun painted wood pieces that are a Free with Purchase item:

Here is “Let’s Stay Home”:

And here are the matching wood chips that are a Free with Purchase:

And here are some star freebies that match each of the new Kits:

unnamed (1)


I hope this week you find comfort from your homes and joy from the everyday things that fill your lives. Happy scrapping!

What’s New This Week at Scrap Orchard

Hello Bella Gypsy fans! This week Lena and Tabatha have three new kits with free with purchases for us to enjoy. The fun and cheery “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart”, the cool and calm “Sleepyhead”, and the super cute “Just for Giggles”. Lots of uses for all three Kits. Below are close up looks of the Kits. All the images are linked to the Scrap Orchard Market. Look for a freebie at the bottom too.

“Don’t Go Bacon My Heart”

And the fun Bonus Papers that are a Free with Purchase:

Here is “Sleepyhead”

And the cool Alpha that’s a Free with Purchase:

And here is “Just for Giggles”:

And the wild and crazy Graffiti that’s a Free with Purchase:

And here is a freebie that coordinates with each kit! Just click on the images to download!



Hope you have a fun week filled with giggles, naps, and of course, BACON!


Happy October!

Hello Bella Gypsy fans! I had a great time flipping the calendar page this month. Even though the weather hasn’t changed that much in my part of the world, there’s still a little Fall flair in the air. This week Tabatha and Lena have two new Kits and a new Snap Happy that I’ll show you. All of these and more are available in the Scrap Orchard Market and the pictures are linked to take you to the store or to the freebies at the end. Enjoy!

Daydreams Kit

And the fun flairs that are a Free with Purchase:

Here is the Made of Stories Kit:

And here is the Graffiti that is a Free with Purchase:

This is the October Snap Happy Kit:

And the Journal Card that match that are a Free with Purchase:

And the ladies made you a couple of freebies that match the new kits.

Here are some cuite stars that match “Daydreams”:

And these fun acrylic arrow word art that match “Made of Stories”:

Looking forward to bringing you a peek of what Lena and Tabatha have in store for next week. Until the, have a fantastic week!

Stories, Daydreams and Peeks


Thank you so much for your comments! I let Random.org choose two winners this week. Congrats to Stephanie and Karen. I’ll email them and let them know how to collect their prizes. Tune in on Friday for a full view of “Daydreams” and “Made of Stories” plus some freebies!

2014-10-02_00-51_RANDOM.ORG 2014-10-02_00-53_RANDOM.ORG

Hello Bella Gypsy fans! This week Tabatha and Lena have fanciful daydreams and life’s stories in store for us. “Daydreams” is a kit filled with bright and fun fantasy while “Made of Stories” is packed with bold colors with the purpose of telling your real life stories. I’m sure you’ll love them both!


“Made of Stories”

If you’d like a chance to win one of the latest Kits, just leave a comment on this post. Wednesday night at around 10 pm we’ll choose a winner for each Kit using random.org and email the lucky persons links to download the kit before they are available for sale!

Note: We have a SPAM filter on our site and we manually approve comments. If you don’t see your comment right away, DON’T WORRY…it’ll be there shortly!

A Clean Look at Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Happy Friday, Bella Gypsy fans! This week I bring you the squeaky clean close ups of “Rub-A-Dub-Dub” from Lena and Tabatha. This collection is perfect for all of those tub shots that you plan to embarrass and bribe your kids with at a later date. Oh, not you, just me. Okay, I get it. But you still might have some fun tub pictures you’d like to scrapbook. All the images are linked to the Scrap Orchard Market and even the freebie at the end is linked so you can have a head start on the collection.

Here is what the Collection looks like:

A close up of the Kit:

Here is what is in the Bundle:

This is the Add On:

Here are the Bonus Papers:

Here are the Journal Cards that also come in an InstaLife version:

Here are the fun Word Art pieces:

And as promised, here are some darling hearts that match the collection:

Hope your week is upbeat and bubbly!

Some Bunny Special Has a Freebie

And it’s ME! Well, in all fairness, Tabatha and Lena made the freebie for you, but I get to post it so it’s almost like it’s me. And I have some up close and personal looks for you of the latest Collection “Some Bunny Special”. If you’d like to check out the latest collection you can go to the Bella Gypsy Designs section of the Scrap Orchard Market or click the images and they will take you there. At the end you’ll find the freebie that is also a direct link.

Here is a look at the Collection:

Here is a close up of the Kit:

This is what you’ll find in the Bundle:

And how cute is this Add On?

Here’s a closer look at the Journal Cards that also come in InstaLife size:

And the word art is PERFECT for those Easter projects:

I just love these Bonus Papers:

And look at the detail on this darling Alpha!

And as promised, a little freebie that matches the collection:
unnamed (1)

I hope you’re able to scrap Some Bunny Special this Easter!


{Rain}bow Collection & Snap Happy: April

Hiya scrappers! Just a quick post this week as my lovely minion Jamie is out of town & I’m just going to hit the basics & get you the freebie I made for you!

We have a new collection this week –{Rain}bow! and April’s installment of Snap Happy!


Here’s a closer look at the kit!


And here’s April’s Snap Happy!


Both new releases come with free with purchase offers until 4/10 so have fun shopping!

And here’s a little freebie I made to coordinate with {Rain}bow! Enjoy!


Some Pretty Awesome Stuff to Share

Hello, friends! There is so much going on this week I hope I can fit it all in one post for you. We’ve got a collection, a collaborations, a Snap Happy kit, and a freebie…whew!  Now that’s pretty awesome!

Here is a look at the latest Collection, “Pretty Awesome”:PAColelction

A closer look at the Kit:

Here is what is in the Bundle:

A closer look at the awesome Word Art:

Plus an Add On:

Next up is Self-Rescuing Princess. It is a collaboration with Cheryl at Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. Tabatha and Lena designed the Kit and the Free with Purchase Journal Cards and Cheryl has two sets of templates.




And here is a look at one of the Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs templates:



Then there is the February “Snap Happy” kit.  It has a set of Free with Purchase Journal Cards as well:




And last, but certainly not least, a set of flairs Freebie to go with the “Pretty Awesome” Collection:



Be sure to check out all of the fun stuff at Scrap Orchard from Bella Gypsy Designs. So many great items, so little time! Hope you have a wonderful week!



Having Some My Nutty Buddy Fun

Hello Bella Gypsy fans!  If you haven’t had a chance to catch the latest collection from Tabatha and Lena here’s your chance! My Nutty Buddy is such a great way to capture those sweet buddy moments in your life.

Here’s a look at the whole Collection:



Here’s a closer look:


Here is the Bundle:


Aren’t these Journal Cards fun?


And check out the Add On:



Here is a little freebie for you from the My Nutty Buddy Collection:


We are wishing you TONS of get along buddy moments! Happy Scrapping!