A Tender Heart for Stars, Stripes and Smiles

Hello Bella Gypsy fans! Today I’m giving you a look at the new goodies in the Scrap Orchard Market from Tabatha and Lena. From getting a head start on the celebrating the red, white and blue to pulling at some sweet heart strings, both new creations are really cute. I’m sure you’ll love them. The pictures are linked to the store and there are some freebies at the end. Enjoy!

Tender Heart Kit:

And the Graffiti that is a Free with Purchase:

Stars, Stripes and Smiles Kit:

Stars, Stripes and Sparkles Mini Kit that is a Free with Purchase:

And some freebies to match.

Journal Cards for Tender Heart:tenderheartfreebie

Free Chevrons that match Stars, Stripes and Smiles:

Be sure to check out all of the fun stuff that Tabatha and Lena have at the Market for you. Have a great week!

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