It is Silly Chilly out there, folks!

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Macedonia ivermectin for dogs petsmart Thank you so much for all of your comments! We truly do have the BEST fans! chose Shelley as our winner tonight. An email will go out to her on how she can collect her winnings.  Be sure to check the market at Scrap Orchard to grab these little penguin cuties!é-pecado.html 2014-01-08_23-57_RANDOM.ORG

Brrrrrr…Bella Gypsy fans!  It’s getting so cold outside that I think I saw a parade of penguins rolling down my street. How fitting that this week Tabatha and Lena are bringing out THE cutest little collection that features some really sweet and frosty elements. I’m not sure if it’s cold enough for penguins to start collecting in your neighborhood, but if they do, “Silly Chilly” will have those pages covered. It is such a cool collection and I imagine there are many things you could create with it while you wait to defrost. Here’s a sneak peek:


If you’d like a chance to win  Olecko jolly card poker online Lena and Tabatha’s kit before it’s for sale nrj tchatche gratuit  just leave us a comment on this post. Wednesday night at around 9 pm PST we’ll choose  unpleasantly islas cies playas ONE winner using and email the lucky person links to download the kit before it’s available for sale!

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