Dog Days of Summer

It’s SUMMER! Everyone loves it, but there’s always a point where everyone is thinking…..I need a break from summer! It’s hot, you’re tired of running around everywhere, somehow just as busy at the school year. The kids are bored, they’re fighting, there’s nothing but reruns on TV, the mosquitos are biting, and your road trip? Yeah, you need a vacation from your vacation!

Enter Bella Gypsy’s Dog Days Of Summer Promotion. It’s big, friends. One of the biggest promotions we’ve ever done. So, hold onto your hat, grab a cuppa coffee, and read on….

The entire Dog Days Promotion centers around this little kit! It’s for sale at Gotta Pixel and A Cherry On Top. And it’s ON SALE! (for ridiculously cheap!)

On sale July 1st for $1.00
On sale July 2nd for $2.00
On sale July 3rd for $3.00
On sale July 4th for $4.00
On sale July 5th for $5.00

The kit goes back to regular price on July 6th. This is an INSANELY good deal that Bella Gypsy has never offered before, so take advantage of it before we realize how crazy we’re being!

BUT WAIT….that’s not all 😉

The kit download includes a special code for you… a discount code that you can use to save an additional 20% off any purchases you make with Bella Gypsy at Gotta Pixel or The Digichick during the entire month of July! You can use the code as many times as you’d like, just don’t share it.

And because we LOVE you THIS much….Bella Gypsy is going to be offering a Dog Days FREEBIE…every. single. day. this. month! Yep, 31 days, 31 freebies….ALL centering around this Dog Days theme 🙂 Some days the freebies will be on our blog, some days the freebies will be on our Facebook page, and some days the freebies will be in your email box in the form of a newsletter! How are you going to keep track of it all? EASY: Here’s your calendar to keep up with it all!


And the best part of it all? EVERY purchase made in any of the Bella Gypsy stores this month is going to get you one entry into our prize drawing on July 31st. We have all sorts of fun prizes up for grabs (That day *is* Lena’s birthday after all!) What is up for grabs in the prize pot? You name it! (Winners announced on our blog on August 1st)

1. Lifetime discount code in Bella Gypsy’s shops
2. $5 Starbucks gift card
3. A custom kit made for you
4. 1 month guest creative team spot
5. $10 Craft store gift card (You choose: JoAnn’s Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby)

The very first of your 31 freebies is in Bella Gypsy’s newsletter that we sent out today. Here’s what it looks like:

If you aren’t signed up for the BG newsletter, you can do so HERE 🙂

What do you think of the new site? We’d love your feedback! We’re really looking forward to celebrating the dog days of summer with you! 🙂