A Sneaky Peeky!

Hi, friends! 
Lena here! Long time no blog, right? Our dedicated peek girl, Tricia, is taking a little time off of blogging. Bella Gypsy is releasing two new kits this week…one will be up in just a few hours at The Digichick. I don’t have a peek for that one, as there’s barely a point in it since it’s releasing so soon. But I do have this lovely peek of Love Right Now. 
We’ve decided to move the Win It Before You Can Buy It posts over to Facebook. The contests are a little bit easier to manage over there. I know it may disappoint a few, and for that, I’m sorry. I hope you can respect that from a business standpoint, it’s easier and faster to use FB for the peek contests. 
We are NOT shutting down the blog, we’ll still have freebies announcements and peeks here as well! 🙂