Teal There Was You :)

Holtsville dating wetteren Hiya Bella Gypsy friends! Lena popping to say HI THERE! I have a message for you too! I want you to see my teal toes and I want to tell you a little bit about them. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. This isn’t something that has been a worry for me, since I had my total hysterectomy 2 years ago…but I had my surgery because of years and years of cancerous cervical cells. It’s nerve wracking and after all those years my doctor and I agreed it was time to act. Now, I don’t have ovaries to have cancer in! Anyway, fellow scrapper, mommy, and blogger Melissa Lewis is fighting ovarian cancer right now and I’ve been following her blog. She has an amazing attitude and she is such an inspiration. When she posted a call to action, I wanted to join in by painting my toes teal for the month of September!

http://hanovialimited.com/57326-gay-video-game-characters-disabled-83576/ I’d really like YOU to do the SAME! Paint your toes teal and share a pic OR blog about ovarian cancer awareness OR make a social media post about ovarian cancer awareness (Twitter or Facebook) and then let Bella Gypsy you’ve done it! Post here that you’ve done it, post on our FB fan page that you’ve done it, or email us bellagypsydesigns AT gmail DOT com.

dating gay near philadelphia ms We’ll send you this alpha completely free, just for helping spread the word =)Teal next time friends!

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