a{word-wrap: break-word} Hello Scrappers! It’s Kim here on this sunny but very chilly Friday. Fall is definitely here this week. The leaves are changing colors and falling all around us. The boys were outside a few nights ago with all their neighborhood friends and they were having a blast raking up all the leaves in our front yard! They would rake a huge pile and then they would all jump in it! Of course I had to get out the camera and take tons of pictures…just like any mom would do! DH even got in the action and got out the leaf blower so he could help the girls and our boys get the biggest pile ever! The girls were even raking leaves from down the street and bringing them to our yard so they had more. They all had so much fun. I look forward to this time of year!

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Enough rambling…there are not any new releases this week (I know what a shock!!) but Autumnatopoeia is being released at ScrapMatters and Elemental Scraps this week. It was released last weekend at Gotta Pixel for the Gotta Grab It Event! Take a look…

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and here’s some Sketchology


I am also leaving you with a free cluster using Autumnatopoeia! Just click on the preview for your download link!

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Don’t forget to check out the Bella Gypsy stores at Elemental Scraps, Gotta Pixel and ScrapMatters!
See you next week!
Happy Scrapping!

GGI Time!!

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  • I can’t believe it is time for the Gotta Grab It event already! The months are just flying by! Fall is definitely in the air here. Leaves are turning colors, and falling to the ground.  Pumpkin stands are popping up all over, and the harvest is rounding up here.  My toddler loves taking walks in the woods and hearing the leaves crunch under his feet. Kicking them up in the air is a lot of fun too! I have been in the mood for chili and apple cider! Yum!  If you have been enjoying this new season like I have then Bella Gypsy’s contribution to the GGI event is perfect for you! 
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  • The kit is called “Autumnatopoeia” and I think you are going to fall in love with it!
    You can grab each piece of this kit for $1 during the Gotta Grab It event.  Let me show you this awesome collection!
    *images are linked*


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    #main{padding-bottom: 30px} Have a great weekend! Make sure you check back on Saturday because there are some new goodies hitting the store at Gotta Pixel!

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