$1.00 Pixels and a Freebie

Happy Tuesday and it is a happy one at that! It’s $1 Pixels at Gotta Pixel today and the Bella Gypsy duo have some holiday cheer to spread so don’t you worry about a thing! You will find all the following items on sale at Gotta Pixel for only $1! Make sure you snag them today before the sale is over!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE hard candy at Christmas time! You know the kind I am talking about…you get the tin of it and it usually ends up in a big chunk and you have to break it apart. There are always different shapes and flavors in the tin! My favorite was always the kind that looked like a ribbon folded up…but it was always so hard to eat because it was so big. I love candy canes too…we always used to have one of those HUGE ones in our stocking at Christmas time! Yummy!!! My boys got a taste of their first candy cane today…well, the first that they remember! It was so fun to watch them lick it…and eventually bite it when it got thin enough!

Ok…enough talking about candy…for the kit….
Hard Candy Christmas reminds me of that…the hard candy that we used to buy at Christmas Time!

Here’s some inspiration…

I think one of my all time favorite Bob Marley songs is 3 Little Birds! Love the message and love the rhythm! It’s an awesome song! With that being said…Bella Gypsy came up with a kit inspired by this Bob Marley song….don’t worry about a thing…cause every little thing…gonna be alright!

Here is Every Little Thing

and some inspiration…

There is also a brand new template set at Gotta Pixel today…Little Full, Lotta Sap

Bella Gypsy also has one of my favorite kits on sale for only $1 today as well! Tomfoolery is a Bella Gypsy/Amanda Heimann collab. This kit has never been this cheap so grab it today!

and here is lots of CT inspiration…

Now for a little freebie frame cluster using Every Little Thing! Click on the preview for your download link.

See you Friday for some Black Friday goodies!!

Happy Scrapping,